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- Tuk-tuk: Most popular tourist destinations such as Phnom Penh, Siem Riep and south coast, have their very own versions of tuk-tuk, with a canopied trailer hitched to the back of the motor bike for two people in comfort or as many as you can pile on at night. This is a great way to explore temples, as you get the breeze of the bike but some protection from the elements.

- Taxi: Taxi hire in towns and cities is getting easier, but there are still very few metered taxis, with just a handful of operators in Phnom Penh.

- Motodup: This is known as small motocycle taxi. It is a quick way of making short hops around towns and cities. Prices range depending on the distance and the town, expect to pay more at night. It’s probably best to negotiate up front, particularly in major tourist centers, outside fancy hotels or at night.

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We saw, learned, heard, tasted a lot and really got to know these 2 countries better. Thanks a lot for organizing our tour.

Mr Denis

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My husband and I are now home and we'd like to thank you for an extraordinary trip in Vietnam and Cambodia. Thu, you did a terrific job in planning it and all details were perfect and everything happened like clockwork. We loved...

Fran O’Connell

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We just got back. I can't begin to tell you how wonderful it was. We loved every place we stayed. You're a gem. As to the countries themselves: I was totally thrilled, fascinated, absorbed. Hope to do another trip to the...

Loraine F. Gardner

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I wanted to specifically tell you how wonderful my tour guide Tien from Hue was. We were lucky enough to have him for Hue, Danang and Hoi An. He was sweet, caring, knowledgeable, dedicated and passionate about his country. I felt...

Dr. Halli Zung

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